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Easy AtoZ - Create Your Online Indexes Easily - with BONUSES

Product picture Easy AtoZ - Create Your Online Indexes Easily - with BONUSES

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Warning! An Unorganized Website Is An Unprofitable Website!

Did You Know That You're Losing 71 Of Your Visitors Because Your Web Pages Don't Guide Them Properly?

SOLUTION: Provide An Easy-To-Use Indexing System For Your Website And Your Visitors Will Stay Longer On Your Pages!


"Easy AtoZ - Create Your Online Indexes Easily!"

"Easy AtoZ" is a fantastic tool that will help you generate an index table linked to a solid database.

The best way to explain this is through an illustration -

Suppose you're running a website about recipes, and your goal is to host thousands of recipes on your web pages. Surely, an index will greatly help your visitors sort out the content they need, right? But manually preparing such an index will be time-consuming. If you're doing it alone, chances are, you'll give up before you even finish.

Enter the Easy AtoZ!

With this amazing program, you can create an index in 3 simple steps:

1. Create a project.

2. Define relationships; i.e. name/description, word/definition or, as is the case for recipes, title/instructions.

3. Generate index page and connecting pages.

Indeed, in just 3 easy steps, you'll have an index page (or HTML code you can embed on your existing website if one already exists) ready to be published.

But that's not all.

The Easy AtoZ automatically arranges the entries alphabetically, and categorizes them under their corresponding letter.

If you defined the title '"Anchovy pizza,'" it will be placed under the letter '"A'" as a clickable link. When the user clicks on it, he will be directed to a page where the instructions for such a recipe can be found.

Yes, the Easy AtoZ doesn't only generate the index page - it generates all the pages that the entries connect to as well!

The Easy AtoZ streamlines the process of creating organized databases. You can:

* Use it to create your very own online dictionary!

* Use it to create an encyclopedia specific to the niche you're tackling.

* Use it as a reference table for just about anything, ranging from pharmaceutical guides, to comic book databases, to antique checklists, to any other listing you can think of!

* Use it as a comprehensive address book for your personal or professional usage.

* Use it as a repository of secrets that your visitors can unlock... this can be so much fun for them!

* Use it as an inventory for the items you have in stock.

* Use it a FAQ system!

There are so many other uses for the Easy AtoZ. Basically, any database that requires 2 interlinked categories will find the Easy AtoZ as a heaven sent. It is an answer to the prayers of webmasters who have to sort out thousands of entries by themselves just to come up with a well-categorized content website.

So, if you want to create properly categorized, alphabetized, and interlinking databases in a matter of minutes, the Easy AtoZ is the solution that will fulfill your needs!

Grab this one-of-a-kind database-building partner today!

Easy AtoZ is a PHP/MySQL script that works on any server that supports the PHP language!

An online manual is also offered!

To make the deal even sweeter for you, we are even including two unannounced bonuses with it! Only those who purchase this product from us would be able to get the bonuses at NO cost!

So what are you waiting for? Order today.

30-day money back guarantee!

In case you are not 100 percent satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund every penny! No questions asked!

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Easy AtoZ - Create Your Online Indexes Easily - with BONUSES Easy AtoZ - Create Your Online Indexes Easily - with BONUSES create;index;seo;website 204145180 2.99 ebooksniches36 Fresh Download Available!

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