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Instant Affiliate Generator Script - with 2 Mystery BONUSES!

Product picture Instant Affiliate Generator Script - with 2 Mystery BONUSES!

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Are you interested in a brand new way to increase the traffic to any website for about 5 minutes easy "work"?

Well what if I told you that there's a brand new tool available that:

-Instantly and automatically transforms everyone who arrives at your website into your affiliate!

-Can be setup so everyone will want to promote your site, website owners and even regular surfers who don't own their own websites will want to send you free traffic.

-Makes people want to promote your website even if you don't have a product to sell and you don't pay out any commissions!

-Can be plugged into any website in minutes and start showing results and huge surges in your traffic almost as quickly!

If you are new to marketing and are looking for an effective way to drive more traffic to your website, this is for you.

Or if you already get tons of traffic, I'm sure you wouldn't say no to the extra surge this software will bring, it could end up doubling your subscribers and your profits!

Introducing the "Instant Affiliate Generator" System!

Here is How You Can Use "Instant Affiliate Generator" to Start Getting More Traffic, More Subscribers, More Sales and More Profits Every Single Day:

-Increase Your Traffic - Using this system will multiply your traffic exponentially! The more people visit your site, the more get sent to your site by others. The technique is so viral I was shocked to find how underutilized it actually is.

-Boost Link Popularity - With more and more people linking to your site almost every day from all over the internet, your link popularity will explode helping you to effortlessly achieve great search engine rankings!

-Get More Subscribers - Simply add a subscribe form to the same page as your Instant Affiliate Generator code and watch as your opt in list grows more and more by the day, virtually hands free!

-Increase Your Sales - If there's one thing that is guaranteed to increase your sales, it's more traffic right? Well with 'Instant Affiliate Generator' you'll get plenty of it!

-Add Visitor Interaction - With all the hype around 'web 2.0' more and more people are expecting to be able to get involved in your websites in some way. This allows them to do just that and get great rewards for their efforts!

-Gain Repeat Visitors - It's well known that it can take 7 or more visits to your site before someone decides to buy. 'Instant Affiliate Generator' brings people back to check their referral stats giving you another chance to offer them your products.

-Unlimited Domains - The simple code can be added to as many domains as you want or as many pages on the same domain as you want. You can instantly increase the profits of literally every page on every domain you own!

-Collect Affiliates Details - When someone sends enough traffic to get their reward, simply send them to a subscribe form to collect their gift. Now you'll build a list of partners who can send traffic to any of your other products or future product launches.

-Works On Any Page - Designed to be compatible with any webpage regardless of what language it's coded in, html, php, asp or anything else.

-A Breeze To Setup - Can be up and running on your site in minutes by following the simple 'no brainer' style setup process.

The beauty of this system is that it works just as well even if your visitors aren't webmasters, which almost makes this like a super powerful tell-a-friend script. Just tell people to send x amount of people to your site and they can get your product for free, or any other bonus you want to give them.

This will encourage regular surfers to start advertising your website for you in forums, video sharing sites, social networking sites and anywhere else they can.

Even if you already have a regular affiliate program you can still plug this in along with it. It will not affect your regular commission based affiliate program! So you could effectively have two affiliate programs running for the same site and the same product. You've just doubled what is already the most effective form of free advertising you can get!

Here are some of the features you get with "Instant Affiliate Generator":

* Control how many unique referrals are required to get access to each of the rewards.

* Can be added to as many pages you want, and each page can have a different bonus.

* Easy install procedure has you up and running in just a few minutes.

* Install just one time, and use across all of your domains and websites!

* Easily edit the options for any campaign at anytime 'on the fly'.

* Control and manage all your campaigns from one easy and secure admin panel.

You can have a new campaign setup in literally one minute, and it will continue to send you new free traffic everyday for life!

To make the deal even sweeter for you, we are even including two unannounced bonuses with it! Only those who purchase this product from us would be able to get the bonuses at NO cost!

So what are you waiting for? Order today.

30-day money back guarantee!

In case you are not 100 percent satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund every penny! No questions asked!

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