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E-Coaching Success - with FULL MRR + 2 Mystery BONUSES!

Product picture E-Coaching Success - with FULL MRR + 2 Mystery BONUSES!

2.99 USD

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Comes with FULL Master Resell Rights, and two Mystery BONUSES!

Easy, But Super Profitable Method Increases Your Monthly Profits Astronomically... Just By Running Your Own Online Coaching Program From Home!

...And Generate Profits So High You'd Put Those Conventional Seminars To Shame!

Here is Why You Should Consider Starting Your Own Coaching Program Today:

-If you have a skill that's in demand, you can plug in a second income-stream by teaching that skill!

-There is leverage in a classroom: you make more money teaching a group of students at a go vs. one-on-one arrangements.

-Better clients to work with - if you sell your products or service too cheap, the problem is you usually attract cheap customers who do nothing but consume your time and effort, and eats into the true worth of your time.


E-Coaching Secrets!

Run Seminars From Home & Generate Truckload of Cash Teaching What You Love!

Don't give up on teaching especially if it's one of your burning passions! E-Coaching Secrets is an all-in-one multimedia home study course designed for ambitious experts, professionals, teachers, and coaching superstars in the making. You will learn how to skyrocket your revenue by one or two more digits - doing nothing more than:

-Teaching what you love or already good at

-Running it from home: So you save thousands of dollars on expenses and quit worrying about whether you can cover it all back!

Here's a sneak preview on each of the sessions covered in E-Coaching Secrets:

A) Module 1 - E-Coaching Explained:

Discover why webinars are better than offline seminars. As long as you have a skill that you can duplicate to other people, it's something you can already market! And here's the thing about the EXPERT concept: you don't need to know everything; as long as you know 5 of what 95 people don't know, you are already an EXPERT!

Flash Video, MP3 audio, and PDF transcript Included!

B) Module 2 - Planning Your Virtual Presentation:

* How to craft your Core Message

* Webinar platforms that are easy-to-use and low-cost so you can run a high-profit margin seminar from home!

* How to plan your schedule for your interactive e-seminar!

* How to survey your target market in 5 minutes!

Flash Video, MP3 audio, and PDF transcript Included!

C) Module 3 - How to Attract High-End Clients:

* How to get free leads using the FREE webinar approach!

* How to convert free leads into high-paying customers!

* How to get other experts and Joint Venture partners to promote your webinar for you!

* PLUS other ways to promote your free webinar to attract a large of prospects!

Flash Video, MP3 audio, and PDF transcript Included!

Module 4 - E-Coaching Automation:

In this module, I show you how to eventually automate your e-coaching business, and spin off products you can sell from the same content you have created with your online students!

Flash Video, MP3 audio, and PDF transcript Included!

D) Bonus Module 1 - The Secret: Value for Money:

Have you wondered that why even though everyone has 24 hours, why are people earning various incomes? Take a janitor and business consultant for example. A janitor earns $5 an hour but a business consultant can earn $500-$1,000 per hour just consulting. This is because one person provides more value to the society than the other!

Understand this: this is one of the biggest keys to making more money with less effort. When it comes to high ticket products, the key is to provide massive value that people are willing to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars! And I will show you exactly how!

Flash Video, MP3 audio, and PDF transcript Included!

E) Bonus Module 2 - High-Ticket: Product Ideas

* 7 totally unique ways to go high ticket!

* How to demand hundreds of dollars per hour for your consultation... and why your clients should choose you over your competitors!

* Leverage through starting your own group coaching (step-by-step)

* How to achieve automation on selling your ideas (no this is not about writing an e-book that sells for a paltry sum of $27... we're talking about going $497-997 using the same information you would have written in an e-book!)

* The 'customization' model - get paid hundreds to thousands for this!

* Achieve passive income from the same customers - over and over again!

* PLUS 2 more unique ways to make money on high ticket items!

Flash Video, MP3 audio, and PDF transcript Included!

F) Bonus Module 3 - Affiliate Conversions

Why do some people get paid more while others get paid less, even if they are selling the same product, in the same business, to the same people? And which type of person do you want to be - the one who makes more or the one who makes less for the same amount of effort?

I show you how 8 cutting-edge ways to differentiate and make yourself stand out from the sea of 'me too' marketers... and why your clients and customers should be going to you... and pay you more!

Flash Video, MP3 audio, and PDF transcript Included!

This product comes with MASTER RESELL RIGHTS! To make the deal even sweeter for you, we are even including two announced bonuses with it! Only those who purchase this product from us would be able to get the bonuses at NO cost!

So what are you waiting for? Order today.

30-day money back guarantee!

In case you are not 100 percent satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund every penny! No questions asked!

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E-Coaching Success - with FULL MRR + 2 Mystery BONUSES! E-Coaching Success - with FULL MRR + 2 Mystery BONUSES! coaching;internet;online;success 179313710 2.99 ebooksniches36 Fresh Download Available!

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