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Internet Marketing Guide - Discover How To Make Money Online

Product picture Internet Marketing Guide - Discover How To Make Money Online

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Chapters Covered in This Report are as Follows:


-Forget Everything You've Heard Before!
-Do You Have What It Takes To Be An E-Entrepreneur?
-The Internet-Your Business Tool
-The Right Product Sells Itself
-The Eternal, Changing Business Plan
-The Benefits Of Internet Marketing - Why Is Internet Marketing Effective?

1. Getting Started

1.1 Making Your Website Attractive, Interesting, Engaging And Interactive
1.2 Navigation
1.3 Defining A Usable Site
1.3.1 Good Content
1.3.2 Ease Of Access To Information
1.3.3 Quick Access To Information
1.3.4 Cleanly Designed Pages
1.3.5 Download Status
1.3.6 Usability Problems
1.4 Building Interactivity And Personalization
1.5 Graphics
1.6 Web copy
1.7 Choosing A Domain Name
1.7.1 Using Expired Domains To Skyrocket Your Traffic
1.8 The Host
1.9 Testing And Performance
1.9.1 Monitoring And Tracking
1.9.2 Tracking Your Sales
1.10 Building Credibility And Maintaining It

2. Internet Business Ideas
2.1 Leverage The Advantages Of The Net
2.2 What Businesses Are Succeeding On The Net?
2.3 Should You Be Selling A Product Or A Service?
2.4 Importance Of Back-End Selling
2.5 Cross Selling

3. Secrets Of Winning Traffic Through Search Engines
3.1 How Search Engines Work
3.2 Top Search Engines
3.3 Search Engine Page Ranking Algorithms
3.4 Keywords-Optimizing Your Site To Get Top Billing At Search Engines
3.5 Web Copy For SEO
3.6 Submitting To Search Engines
3.7 Search Directories - The Benefits Of Browsing
3.7.1 Submitting To Search Directories
3.8 Pay-Per-Click-Buying Status
3.8.1 Show Me The Money!
3.8.2 Submitting To Pay-Per-Clicks
3.8.3 Adwords And Premium Advertising
3.9 Link Popularity And Link Analysis
3.9.1 Reciprocal Links And Partner Sites
3.9.2 Picking Your Partner
3.9.3 Inward Link Analysis
3.10 Optimizing Your Website
3.11 Monitoring Your Progress
3.12 Finally, A Word About Spam

4. Buying Advertising And Keeping Customers!
4.1 Banners
4.1.1 Banner Glossary
4.1.2 Banner Economics
4.2 Text Links
4.3 Classified Ads
4.4 Cultivating New Customers
4.5 Creating Effective Ads
4.6 Advanced Ad Tracking

5. Getting Rich From Affiliate Programs
5.1 Joining An Affiliate Program
5.2 Setting Up Your Own Affiliate Program
5.3 Cooking Off The Spam
5.4 Managing And Tracking Your Affiliate Programs
5.5 Evaluating Your Website's Performance
5.6 How To Attract Affiliates
5.6.1 Classifying Affiliates For Better Management
5.6.2 A Few Avoidable Errors
5.7 Linkshare - Affiliate Program That Can Bring You Great Results
5.8 Affiliate Management In-Built With Your Payment Gateway - Clickbank

6. Exploding Your Profits Through Email Marketing
6.1 Collecting Opt-In Email Addresses
6.2 Double Opt-In
6.3 Intelligent Targeting Through Tailor Made Research
6.4 Renting Or Buying Lists
6.5 Creating Pop Ups
6.6 Email Marketing Tactics
6.6.1 Writing Headlines That Grab Your Customers And Sell Your Goods!
6.6.2 Growing Your Email Lists
6.6.3 Email Content - Text Vs. Html
6.7 Managing Email Campaigns
6.7.1 Personalization In Email Marketing
6.7.2 Creative Segmentation
6.7.3 How Often And When To Mail?
6.7.4 Refrain From Spamming
6.8 Analysis Of Email Campaigns
6.8.1 Tracking Performance - Measuring Useful Metrics
6.8.2 Enhancing Email Response
6.8.3 Should The Message Trick The Reader Or Be Honest?
6.9 Autoresponders
6.10 Call To Action-Closing The Deal
6.11 Sample Marketing Email

7. Creating Newsletters That Sell As Well As Inform
7.1 Advantages Of Newsletters As A Marketing Tool
7.2 Creating An Effective Newsletter
7.3 Steps For A Successful Newsletter Campaign
7.4 Getting Subscribers And Generating Leads For Your Newsletter
7.5 Advertising In Newsletters
7.6 Promoting Affiliate Programs Through Newsletters
7.7 Blogs
7.8 Planning Your Newsletter
7.9 Ezine Joint Ventures
7.10 Managing Your List: Paid List Servers Vs. Free List Servers

8. Joint Ventures-Partnering For Success
8.1 Choose Your Partners
8.2 Joint Subscriptions
8.3 Exit Pop-Ups
8.4 Plug Your Pals
8.5 Strengthening Your Joint Ventures
8.6 Track Your Joint Ventures
8.7 Keeping Your Customers

9. Selling Information Products Online
9.1 Finding A Writer
9.2 What Can You Write About?
9.2.1 Pleasure Books
9.2.2 Inspirational Books
9.2.3 Study Books
9.2.4 How-To Books
9.2.5 Choosing The Right Topic

10. Press Releases
10.1 Writing An Effective Press Release Or News Article
10.2 Press Release Distribution
10.3 When Should You Distribute Press Releases?

11. Viral Marketing
11.1 Viral Marketing Is Not A Pyramid Scheme
11.2 Viral Marketing Through Ebooks
11.3 Viral Marketing Through Emails
11.4 Viral Marketing With Affiliate Programs
11.5 Viral Marketing On The Web
11.6 Word-Of-Mouth Viral Marketing
11.7 Measuring Viral Effect And Performance

12. Creating A Hot Software Product With No Programming Experience
12.1 Building An Outline
12.1.1 Feature List
12.1.2 User Stories
12.1.3 Data Directory
12.2 Study Competition
12.3 Determine Pricing
12.4 Choosing A Programmer
12.5 Developing Functionality
12.6 Creating A Work Agreement
12.7 Packaging Your Product
12.8 Customer Service And Support

13. Managing Your Life When You Work From Home
13.1 Balancing Your Business And Family
13.2 Know How To Say "No"
13.3 Take A Day Off From Work At Least Once A Month
13.4 Learn How To Compromise
13.5 Maintaining A Positive Attitude Is Good For Business

Conclusion: All You Need To Skyrocket Your Web Profits

-Contextual Marketing - The Newest Concept
-Automating Your Website - E-Business Automation Systems
-Some Warnings
-Checklist For Launching A Successful Internet Business
-Costs Budget And ROI

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